July 2008

A few more moths from the night of 25th. Most photos by my daughter Kiara. Top row buff arches, shark.

buff archesshark

Buff tip, drinker

buff tipdrinker

Other moths included flame shoulder, dot moth, (grey) dagger, marbled green and clay.

Little time for birding recently. I've set a moth trap in the garden a couple of times in late June/early July. Catches have included the privet and elephant hawk moths below.

privet hawk moth elephant hawk moth

Peppered moth and swallow-tailed moth

peppered mothswallow-tailed moth

Most of the noctuids have been potted up for research, but other moths captured have included buff and white ermines, common footman, common swift, burnished brass, dot moth, large yellow underwing, heart and dart, lobster moth, sycamore, dark arches, blood vein, early thorn, plain wave, and scalloped oak.

A flock of about 60 house sparrows along the Flax Bourton cycle path throughout July - the most I've seen in the area.

Four red kites from the London train on 7th, including one over a very urban area of Reading.

Digital photography means you don't keep so many dud shots. Time to go through the old slide collection, and give them a thorough filtering and throw out. I may invest in a decent slide scanner and put some of the best shots from overseas trips on the site.

slide pile

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