November 2008

Chew Valley Lake was bitterly cold on the morning of 30th. Not a lot to see - only about 10 goosander and a raven. Marsh tit on the Cleeve Garden Centre feeder on 29th. Lots of carrion crows around at present - 130 along the Flax Bourton cycle track on 30th, including flocks of 70 and 50 and a partial albino bird with much white in the wings. Smaller numbers of rooks and jackdaws were with the crows. A male blackcap and 2 redwings in the garden on 28th. The eagle owl was still present in its usual day roosting spot on Woodland Road, Bristol, on 28th. A second reed bunting (male this time) along the Flax Bourton cycle track on 26th, and a raven over around the same time.

I shot off to see the male DARK-EYED JUNCO at East Coker near Yeovil on 17th. The householders were fantastic, welcoming, and giving warning of when the bird was present before inviting us to see it. The junco was elusive, and skulked on the ground under the bird feeder. Some record shots of the bird below taken from the top floor at 800 ISO with no converters to maximise shutter speed in gloomy conditions!

dark-eyed junco

dark-eyed junco

There's been a pair of stonechats, up to 7 yellowhammers and a reed bunting along the Flax Bourton cycle track, and a couple of ravens over. A marsh tit was on the feeder at Cleeve Garden Centre on 1st. Red kite from the London Train E of Didcot on 14th. The eagle owl is still in opposite my workplace in Bristol.

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