February 2015

15th. Male and female greater scaup at Cheddar Reservoir.

14th. A day in Devon. I first looked for the penduline tits at Darts Farm, as they had been seen there every day in the week. They didn't turn up, I wonder why not? Why stand next to the reed bed when there are hides? Fieldcraft in many photographers is lacking, severely.

Darts Farm

After spending 45 mins at the farm I thought I'd check out Exminster Marshes, where the tits had been seen a week ago. Sure enough, a women with a bicycle put me onto 2 masked penduline tits feeding on the reed mace. Three then flew off in the direction of Darts Farm, but never arrived. I wonder why not? Dawlish Warren didn't produce the hoped for grebes and divers - only 5 red-throated divers offshore, with about 10 common scoter. I saw about 15 cirl buntings at Labrador Bay.

8th. Forest Farm Country Park on the outskirts of Cardiff. LITTLE BUNTING is one of those scarcities I've never seen before, so seeing one that was sometimes too close to focus on was a treat. Although the bird was confiding, it was tricky to get decent photographs. The sun shone most of the day, directly towards the hide, so the bird was almost always backlit. Photographers are best going when there is some diffuse cloud cover, or if sunny, in the late afternoon. The hide is also built for dwarfs and giants. The best place for photographs is being seated, and viewing from the low slats. But be prepared for backache. Worth it though.

little bunting

little bunting

little buntinglittle bunting

little bunting

1st. A day on the Levels. Bearded tit, kingfisher and great white egret at Westhay, another great white egret at Shapwick Heath after watching the starling roost (which appeared to be mainly towards Westhay?)

mute swan


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