August 2017

31st. Lots of passerine migrants at Chipping Sodbury Common, including the juvenile woodchat shrike, 5 whinchats, 2 redstarts, 2 spotted flycatchers, and a lesser whitethroat. I arrived to watch the shrike from a distance with a group of friendly and considerate birders. The bird fed distantly in an undisturbed manner over a wide area. It wasn't long before it was chased around by men with big lenses however.

Chipping Sodbury Common


29th. Osprey (returning for 10th year?) and juveniles of ruff and pectoral sandpiper, Shapwick Heath.

Up to 11th. Day-flying moths around Lucie's house included this feathered footman.

fethered footman

Some moths whizzed around at high speed, and I couldn't work out what they were for some time. I eventually spotted one that landed - it was a male gypsy moth, a defoliating pest species.

gypsy moth

Butterflies included sliver-washed and Queen of Spain fritillaries, purple hairstreak and grizzled skipper.

silver-washed fritillary

Queen of Spain fritillary

purple hairstreak

grizzled skipper

Blue-winged grasshopper and a funnel web spider's home.

blue-winged grasshopper

funnel web spider

Around Lucie's house.



Up to 14 wild boar on the manure pile now.

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